IRS Form 4868 – Automatic Extension

We are in the middle of tax season.  If you are running short on time, file IRS Form 4868 before April 15, 2014.  It is painless and will save you penalties, at the very least.  The form is only about the size of a check.  IRS Form 4868 is very easy to fill out.

If you do not have money to pay taxes (assuming you owe), still file IRS Form 4868.  As the IRS Form 4868, it is automatic.  In other words, the IRS does not have to approve a timely filed IRS 4868 Automatic Extension.  It really is automatic.  Few things are automatic under the United States Tax Code.  Take advantage of the 4868 if you need it.

I uploaded IRS Form 4868 to this site.  It is available for download for your convenience.

Patron you local Denver Tax Accountant this year.  Support local business.  A CPA is your best choice.  CPA’s are competitive on pricing with all of the large national tax preparation companies.  Most non-CPA tax preparers have minimal training, and seasonal if that.  CPA’s have a life-long dedication to accounting and tax preparation.

Build and fortify a long-time relationship with your Denver CPA.  You will be rewarded throughout your life.  As the saying goes, you want a good Lawyer, a good CPA, and a good Banker.

Take care and all the best, Philip M. Falco, CPA


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